What’s the best fitness device for me?

What’s the best fitness device for me?

Tracking your progress can be a big motivator but you need the right tools for the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness fanatic or just a brisk walker, we’ve got the right wearable for you.

Even the most impressive among us need a push at times. Because let’s face it, nobody is immune to bouts of low motivation or self-imposed doona confinement – especially when winter mornings are proving chilly.

A fitness device can provide that kick, pushing us on in our journey to better health. In fact, a recent study suggested the use of digital fitness devices in periods of rehabilitation has empowered patients to improve their clinical outcomes.

When we use devices to track our movements, analyse our heart rate or sleep patterns, we’re gathering the data to inform and empower ourselves to better care for our bodies.

But you don’t buy a fitness device for the sake of owning a fitness device. Your wearable should suit your lifestyle, and its features should match your goals.

Here’s our selection of the right wearables to suit your lifestyle, courtesy of AIA’s Vitality program.

For the fitness fanatic

Let’s kick off with one of our top picks.

The Garmin vívosmart HR is no average tracker. It measures your heart rate 24/7, and has an always-on touchscreen, visible even in bright sunlight.

And it’s waterproof – swim proof and shower proof. So go kayaking, take a dive, or just bask in a post-workout shower. You’re all good, you’ve got the indestructible on your wrist (well, maybe not totally indestructible but you know what we mean!).

It does all the things you expect a tracker to do as well. It measures steps, calories, distance and floors climbed, while also measuring activity intensity. Pretty nifty.

If you’re into bringing your phone along while exercising, it can also connect to your device and display your messages, calendar reminders and other notifications. It’s now time to get moving with your Garmin vivosmart HR.

For the style conscious

Coined as a smart fitness watch, the FitBit Blaze is a stylish addition to the list. It has a customisable strap and a sleek colour touchscreen interface. It’s lightweight on your wrist and its angular dimensions wouldn’t look out of place at a Swedish boutique.

Apart from looking good, it also tracks your movements and your sleep, has a built-in heart rate sensor, and its long battery life means you can wear it for up to five days.

It also features simple, on-screen workouts – and we like a bit of instruction as much as the next person. Stylish, smart and motivational, it’s perfect for a light or moderate exerciser and for those wanting to know more about their general fitness.

For the wellbeing aware

This tracker wouldn’t look out of place on an Instagram page either, but what the Jawbone UP3 really excels at is being an all-round tool for your wellbeing.

Its sleep monitoring goes above and beyond, with automatic sleep tracking measuring deep sleep, light sleep and rapid eye movement (REM). After gathering this info, it will then work to give you tips on how to get a better night’s rest – which we know is the key to feeling good.

The accompanying Jawbone UP app is a delight to use, and provides a thorough report on your daily activities. The UP3 also comes with a Smart Coach, a ’personal trainer’ of sorts that give you advice and information based on your past performances.

These come in the form of notifications, either to your phone or to your UP3, and work well as an extra motivational boost.

Get up to 30% off your wearable device

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If you want more information on the AIA Vitality program or would like to become a member you can find out more information here or you can call us on 02 9633 5530 with any questions!


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