More than three million Australians are at risk of financial ruin if they attempt to claim on insurance policies in superannuation after July 1 – only to find out they have been switched off under the Protecting Your Super package.
Whether you're a white-collar worker hammering away at your keyboard from 9 to 5, or a tradie getting your hands dirty day-in and day-out, you run the risk of getting sick or injured at work. 
With premium costs on this rise this is a question we often get asked. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of an insurance policy. A cheap life insurance or income protection insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an inferior one, and by the same token, the most expensive policy may not be the best to suit your needs. 
Though most Australians tend to ignore superannuation until they get close to retirement, your superannuation is an important part of your financial journey for two main reasons:
  1. This will provide the bulk of your retirement income when you retire; and
  2. If you suffer a health issue during your working life, your superannuation usually holds (some) insurance benefit to help you and your family to manage.
You’ve applied for insurance, you’ve disclosed everything that needs to be disclosed and you’ve been offered cover with special terms: either an exclusion or a loading. This can be a shock and can feel like you’ve been singled out or that the insurer is over-reacting.
It’s a new financial year and in retail world that means time to do a stocktake - a good opportunity for business owners to offload stock and also to take notice of what did work to plan for the new financial year. So we felt that now would a great time to pull together some ideas to help you do a financial stocktake!
Leaving the single life behind to become a twosome is an exciting time! The last thing on your mind is how to manage your joint finances. Yet relationship success and financial success as a couple have a lot in common - both rely on good communication and negotiation. 
The glow of New Year’s fireworks may be a distant memory, but there’s another new year coming up that for many of us is more important. That’s right, the new financial year is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get your finances in order. 
We’ve been speaking with quite a few clients lately as part of their annual reviews and finding out that in the recent past they’ve had an injury or accident that resulted in a broken bone. “Oh yeah, I broke my ankle playing soccer” or “I broke my wrist skiing” and “I broke my collarbone in a fall” are some of the examples clients have shared with us recently.
The Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Planning has drawn to a close last week and the findings were critical of the conduct of members throughout the banking and financial planning industries. As we provide our clients with financial and insurance advice we felt it was very important to put together a response to the findings of the commission so that you can feel reassured that you can continue to work confidently with us at Orion Financial Group.