Goal Setting

With costs of living on the rise and wage growth stagnating, it’s not hard to see why Australian households are increasingly feeling the pinch.In fact, a recent Ubank survey revealed 59% of Aussies admit their current financial situation causes them stress or loss of sleep.ii Even in the oft-labelled ‘Lucky Country’, this is a worrying statistic. 
One fact of life is certain, we don’t stay young forever. As we grow older, everyday tasks can become tiresome; we suffer inevitable aches and pains and often have difficulty remembering things. But the ageing process should be seen as a privilege. We have retirement to look forward to, access to good healthcare and the opportunity to spend more time with the people we love. To ensure we’re able to enjoy a long and happy retirement, it’s important to plan ahead, so here are 7 ways to get started!
Ever wondered what it would be like to control millions (or even billions) of dollars? For chief financial officers, it’s an everyday reality. The financial controllers of large companies spend their days reviewing income and expenses, working on profit improvement projects, approving expenses, and making tough calls when it comes to company capital. Sounds stressful, right? Have you ever considered that you’re the CFO of your household? It’s true – but don’t worry! By applying our 6 simple principles you’ll be well on track to building your savings and getting ahead.
It’s a new financial year and in retail world that means time to do a stocktake - a good opportunity for business owners to offload stock and also to take notice of what did work to plan for the new financial year. So we felt that now would a great time to pull together some ideas to help you do a financial stocktake!
Leaving the single life behind to become a twosome is an exciting time! The last thing on your mind is how to manage your joint finances. Yet relationship success and financial success as a couple have a lot in common - both rely on good communication and negotiation. 
When you visualise your retirement, what do you see? If you’re like thousands of other Aussies, chances are you think about getting stuck into a hobby, spending more time with your family, seeing the world, or exploring the great outdoors. Whatever your image of the ideal retirement, it gives you something to work towards; a goal to keep you on track. 
The glow of New Year’s fireworks may be a distant memory, but there’s another new year coming up that for many of us is more important. That’s right, the new financial year is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get your finances in order. 
With natural beauty and diversity at every turn, Australia is filled with endless opportunities for fun and adventure for the young and the young at heart. So, grab your partner and head off on these iconic Australian trips and prepare to create memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. This article comes courtesy of our friends at TAL and first featured here.
The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, the department stores are bringing in their Christmas stuff... yes, spring is finally here. Everyone knows that spring is the season of fresh starts. Most people will take the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning, getting to all those pesky once-or-twice-a-year jobs around the house. But right now is also a great time of year to review your finances.
It can seem impossible to put money away in savings when the cost of living is high and your pay just seems to disappear each week. I’ve found that if you have a clear understanding of your cash flow – that is your incomings and outgoings, it doesn’t have to be like that and you can start getting ahead by following our simple tips.