7 ways to make your morning commute more productive

7 ways to make your morning commute more productive

Your morning commute can take up a significant chunk of your day. Calculate how long it takes from when you walk out the door each morning until you return at night, and you might be surprised by how much time goes by—time that could be spent on so many other things. What better way to become more productive and use the time for something that might interest you!

Here’s 7 ideas for things you can do on your daily commute, for all types of transport!

1. Exercise your body

Finding the time to squeeze in the recommended 30 minutes of being active each day can be challenging. So what if you swapped your usual car commute for a walk, bike, or run to work instead? You can double the productivity and listen to an inspiring podcast, audio book, or meeting notes as you go! You don’t have to do it every day, even just twice a week will yield amazing results and leave you feeling much more energised and ready to tackle your day!

2. Exercise your brain

What a great opportunity to brainstorm and get your idea machine working! Some of my best ideas happen on my way to and from work. Perhaps it’s because your brain is fresh in the morning or relaxed enough after work to let the ideas flow. I always keep a notebook or my phone handy to jot them all down. For the commuters who take public transport, buy a notepad that’s just for ideas so you can keep all your big ideas in one place. For those who drive or walk, you can use the recording feature on your phone and take verbal notes. Then you can build on them and use them as brainstorming tools each day.

As for brainstorming and the positive impact stretching your brain to think of ideas can have on your life, I can’t speak highly enough for this blog post on how to become an idea machine and improve your life, I encourage you to have a look at it.

3. Feed your brain

Whether you’re driving, biking, walking, or catching public transport, podcasts are a great way to pass the time while you learn something new. There are literally hundreds of podcasts to discover, and you’ll soon be addicted to them! I asked around the office and here are some of our favourites include Tim Ferris, who loves to deconstruct high performers and the tools they use. There are Ted Talks of course, which will help give you insights into a huge range of topics both insightful and amusing, Dr Karl on triple j always has something interesting to say about all things science and I’ve become partial to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, which I never thought I’d say!

4. Learn something new

Successful leaders, entrepreneurs and successful people in general never stop learning, so neither should you! There are plenty of great books on Audible.com to choose from. Listening to audiobooks is a winner if you drive to work too – learn something while you sit in traffic! Online courses and new content aside, if you are actively engaged in higher learning it just make sense to do your course readings on the bus or train (assuming you don’t get motion sickness!)

5. Plan your day

To-do lists seem so obvious but they are really powerful in helping you get focussed and setting the tone for your day to be productive. As soon as you get to work you could get started on the work that needs to be done in order of priority and, potentially, leave work on time! Either way, this simple exercise will set your day up for success, with less stress and much more purpose.

6. De-stress, energise and invigorate

For those who prefer to use the morning commute as a time to detox and get prepared for the day how about using technology to get inside your head?  I myself use the Headspace app to help clear my mind of negative thoughts or stress and bring my attention back to the present moment. If that’s not your thing there are plenty of other great ways to practice mindfulness. You can keep a gratitude journal and write down the things you are thankful for each morning or night, or journaling is another great way to release built-up emotions and random thoughts. If you want a great template to help practice gratitude I suggest this journal, it has really helped me focus on the right things.

7. Get paid

Hands up who has heaps of stuff they need to get rid off? Clothes? Furniture? Books? Why not use your commute to sell your stuff and make money! Make sure you have quality photos of your items taken in advance and use the commute to research the market, list the item, and respond to bidder questions!

What do you do on your morning commute? Share your ideas with our Twitter and Facebook communities and happy travelling!

Sacha Loutkovsky
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