6 healthy ways to enjoy footy finals!

6 healthy ways to enjoy footy finals!

Everyone knows finals are more exciting when you enjoy them with company, but the classic ‘beer and barbecue’ combo tends to leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. When you’re getting together for the Grand Final, don’t be like all the rest. We’ve found some delicious alternatives to Aussie party food that are sure to score you points all round.

Australia is a country steeped in rich tradition. One of these historic traditions is drinking beer and eating chips, meat, bread and tomato sauce with mates during the AFL/NRL Grand Final. With 63% of Australian adults either overweight or obese, it’s time update these traditions to include some healthier options.

After all, you can be inside watching the game or outside playing it, but you’ll need lasting energy to truly get into the spirit. For times like this, it’s important to eat foods that are rich in nutrients.

It is possible to cook up some snacks that not only keep your guests happy, but your body healthy too. We’ve gathered recipes from all around the world and found some easy alternatives to the classic Aussie finals spread.

Mediterranean pizza with artichoke, olives and tomato

Pizza is a classic and totally designed for sharing. And what’s an Aussie barbecue if not a celebration of the coming together of cultures? So instead of ordering in a not-so-nutritious takeaway, why not make your own Mediterranean alternative? You can even add extra ingredients for your own flourish. Easy and delicious.

BBQ Lemon Chicken Avocado Burger with Zest Yoghurt Mayo

Barbies are just as much of a social experience as they are a foodie experience. Half the fun comes from mixing and matching, giving your guests a wide selection to choose from. Using this recipe as a base you can go crazy with the salads and sauces and let your guests do the rest.

Halloumi tortillas with coriander

Barbecues aren’t just for carnivores, and nothing proves that more than this dish. Turn your finals party into a finals fiesta by passing around these delicious vegetarian soft shell tacos. Halloumi also delivers a healthy dose of protein: perfect after a game of afternoon footy in the yard.

Cheesy bacon and bean nachos with cherry tomato salad

How can we replace that big bowl of chips or nachos that sits on the table at every party? You have to have something to snack on while enjoying the game with friends, and chips or nachos are the easy solution. Luckily, nachos can still be healthy if you do them right. And doing them right involves cheesy bacon.

Lamb skewers with lemon and garlic

There’s nothing more Australian than a couple of snags sizzling on the barbecue, but when it comes to foods with high nutritional value and low fat and oil content, it’s better to go for non-processed meats. Mix it up by replacing those snags with deliciously zesty lamb skewers. Pass these around your party and you’ll be considered a real team player.

Beef and bacon patties with sweet potato fries and apple-zucchini slaw

This meaty recipe combines everyone’s favourites in a dish that is high in energy and protein. Proving you don’t have to skip on burgers and fries just to have a healthier spread – you just have to find a recipe that works for you.

Footy players need a lot more calories than the average footy watcher, so leave the high calorie feasts to them. You can celebrate your footy finals with a spread of diverse and delicious foods, and start your own brand new healthy traditions. With these recipes you and your friends will enjoy the game, have fun, stay fit and, regardless of the final score, you’ll all be winners.

This article first appeared on AIA’s Vlife blog, and we’ve added a few of our own favourite recipes! We hope you enjoy them!

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