4 tips to eat healthy & cheaply whilst travelling

4 tips to eat healthy & cheaply whilst travelling

It can be hard to eat well when you’re backpacking and living on a budget. There is a delicate balance between penny pinching, eating healthy and really indulging in the local cuisine. These 4 tips will help your wallet and mean you don’t have to miss out on any of your travel experiences!

1. Come prepared

Avoid wasting money on snacks at cafes, airports or train stations by having your own snacks prepared. Trail mix, or protein bars, biscuits or fruit – whatever it is, it’s much more cost effective to buy them preemptively than to buy them on the go.

2. Be choosy

Take time to do your research before visiting a city and make a list of the restaurants you must try. Then you can allocate a larger percentage of your food budget to those specific meals. That way you are nearly guaranteed a food experience that you will like, and you aren’t thoughtlessly spending money at cafes or restaurants that may or may not be worth it.

3. Split food

If you are traveling with another person or a group, splitting meals is a great way to save money. It allows for you to be able to try more dishes at one restaurant without breaking the bank. That way you can experience all of your destination’s food offerings without spending a fortune.

4. The supermarket is your best friend

Grabbing snacks or meal supplies at the grocery store can save you so much money! Do your big spending at your list of top restaurants, and save the rest of your money by grabbing food at the market. (HINT: cheese and meat boards are a great cheap meal to buy at the store.) You can still try exciting local products at the market that will save you money at the same time

Travel isn’t always cheap, but it is possible to do well on a budget, especially when it comes to food. Hopefully these tips have helped inspire and remind you that eating healthy while traveling isn’t too hard.

Sacha Loutkovsky
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