June 2018

It’s a new financial year and in retail world that means time to do a stocktake - a good opportunity for business owners to offload stock and also to take notice of what did work to plan for the new financial year. So we felt that now would a great time to pull together some ideas to help you do a financial stocktake!
Leaving the single life behind to become a twosome is an exciting time! The last thing on your mind is how to manage your joint finances. Yet relationship success and financial success as a couple have a lot in common - both rely on good communication and negotiation. 
When you visualise your retirement, what do you see? If you’re like thousands of other Aussies, chances are you think about getting stuck into a hobby, spending more time with your family, seeing the world, or exploring the great outdoors. Whatever your image of the ideal retirement, it gives you something to work towards; a goal to keep you on track. 
In our economic update for June economist we hear from David Bassanese, Chief Economist at BetaShares, a leading ETF manager, and previously an economic columnist for The Australian Financial Review for over a decade. Prior to the AFR, David spent several years in the financial markets as a senior economist and interest rate strategist at Bankers Trust and Macquarie Bank. Kaplan Ontrack asked Bassanese for his views on the Federal Budget, the future of Australia’s major banks and why he still likes the US tech giants.