May 2018

The glow of New Year’s fireworks may be a distant memory, but there’s another new year coming up that for many of us is more important. That’s right, the new financial year is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get your finances in order. 
Last month we looked at the key considerations when investing in property and this month we will continue to review the important aspects to consider when comparing investments in shares and residential property. Now, it's time the shares (sometimes referred to as equities) got their time in the sun.
We’ve been speaking with quite a few clients lately as part of their annual reviews and finding out that in the recent past they’ve had an injury or accident that resulted in a broken bone. “Oh yeah, I broke my ankle playing soccer” or “I broke my wrist skiing” and “I broke my collarbone in a fall” are some of the examples clients have shared with us recently.
Overnight the treasurer Scott Morrison has handed down a pre-election budget with headlined tax savings, commitments to aged care and small business spending incentives. Whilst these are the areas getting most of the media attention, there are some proposed changes that have implications in a number of other areas.
The Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Planning has drawn to a close last week and the findings were critical of the conduct of members throughout the banking and financial planning industries. As we provide our clients with financial and insurance advice we felt it was very important to put together a response to the findings of the commission so that you can feel reassured that you can continue to work confidently with us at Orion Financial Group.