June 2017

No matter your occupation it’s impossible to protect yourself completely from workplace accidents - a fact that costs the Australian economy $60 billion a year. Our friends at Asteron Life have put together this article, being there to help clients who have suffered workplace accidents and injuries with disability claims. While some gigs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others the list of Australia’s ten most common on-the-job injuries from sources including Safe Work Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that we all need to take a bit more care. So what are the 10 most common workplace injuries?
We're sure you've seen stories in the media lately about insurance claims getting denied and people being left out in the cold? More often than not this is because they had their insurance through their superannuation funds. You might think you’re covered but once you claim that’s where the real questions begin, especially around the area of eligibility. Richard Anderson of AE Consulting, who specialises in helping clients know where they stand on their group insurance policies, is here to shed some light on the matter.
Did you know you could be rewarded by your insurer for making healthier choices? AIA has a fantastic health and lifestyle program called AIA Vitality aimed at keeping its members healthy and rewarding them for their efforts. And the rewards are worth it!
Most investors could probably name off the top of their heads some of the stocks which have created much of the shareholder wealth on the US market over past 90 years. Yet to name at least a handful of these top wealth-creators in mid-2017, investors have, of course, the great advantage of hindsight. In this article Robin Bowerman, Principal, Market Strategy & Communications at Vanguard Australia, shares with us his thoughts on diversification.
Running a business can come with risks. Your death, disablement, sickness or injury could seriously risk the ongoing viability of your business. It is important to have plans in place for your family or partner, as well as your business.
When she first moved to Sydney from Perth around 15 years ago, The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter was so stressed out and run down that she ended up getting pneumonia. Her immunologist recommended an immune boosting dietary plan that helped her get back on track and what better time to look after yourself than winter. This article is brought to us by TAL.