13 ways to live the high life on a small budget

13 ways to live the high life on a small budget

Thanks to the social media-driven world we find ourselves in it seems everyone is living large, enjoying the high life. The good news is that you can partake in the ‘high life’ too, even on a tight budget, provided you demonstrate a little bit of resourcefulness in the way you spend.

Check out these 13 ways you can live the high life on a small budget.

1. Quality over quantity

Whether you’re choosing what goes into your shopping trolley or your wardrobe, it’s important to select quality over quantity. This also results in shopping less frequently, which will give you time to save and also avoid impulse purchases!

2. Do lunch

If you love to eat out, opt for lunch instead of dinner. Prices are typically lower in the middle of the day with lunch specials (my local Thai place does a massive plate of stir fry and rice for $7.50!) than at the height of the dinner rush, and the food tastes just as good!

3. What do you need a gym membership for?

Work out for free by taking advantage of the world around you. Go for a run, walk, hike or swim, depending on where you live. Chances are that the scenery outside beats the view of the wall at your local gym, anyway and it’s also probably much more instagramable!

4. The great escape

Nature affords so many great ideas, especially when it comes to impressing your significant other! Instead of defining romance as dinner and a movie, take your S.O. on an outdoor date. Taking a picnic lunch and bring a bottle of wine to enjoy under the stars is proper romance!

5. Find free meetups

If you want to make new friends or try new things in your city, Meetup.com is a great resource. Search for free events like running events, book clubs, social catchups and hikes. You can enjoy your city, try different activities and make new friends, all without breaking the bank.

6. Hotel? What’s that?

A hotel is not the only option for accommodation when you’re travelling. I don’t even look at hotels now, my first port of call is AirBnB.com, stayz.com.au and there’s always couchsurfing.com. They’ve always been more cost-effective than a hotel for me and have almost always offered a unique experience that I will never forget.

7. Sailing the high seas

Sailing might sound like the sort of thing reserved for a big budget, but evening sails, daytime cruises and even full-boat charters can be enjoyed quite affordably, when booked through discount portals like Groupon – have a look, and there’s heaps of budget-saving activities, goods and services you can get on there too!

8. Accessories, not outfits

Refreshing a simple outfit with trendy accessories can be much cheaper than buying a brand-new look. Accessories can be picked up cheaply and are often the talking point of your attire anyway!

9. Cheapo Tuesday

Ahhh, cheapo Tuesday. Most movie theatres still run a cheapo Tuesday where tickets can be more than 50% cheaper than other nights! Also, if you’re a regular movie-goer one of our insurers runs a special rewards program, one of which is 6 Hoyts movie vouchers per month a $9 each. Let us know if you want more information!

10. Make use of introductory offers

Whether you’re interested in finding a grocery delivery service or a personal trainer, it’s wise to make the most of introductory specials. Just be sure to read the fine print to make sure you don’t sign up for more than you’ve bargained for and that you can cancel when you desire.

11. Use Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups to de-clutter your life

Use the local Facebook buy/sell/trade groups that have popped up in the last few years to sell and trade items you no longer need. You’d be surprised how many people are in these local groups and how much extra cash you can make by crowd-sourcing your items!

12. Use rewards credit cards

You can make many of the items on this list more affordable by using credit card rewards for travel or cash back. Just make sure you are using your credit card wisely; you don’t want to end up in debt just for rewards.

13. Always check for special discounts

Any time I buy something online I’ll always google the item or online store plus the words “discount code” to see if there’s any discounts floating around. Doing this often yields results such as 5% off, 10% off, 20% off and free shipping. Every dollar counts!

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Sacha Loutkovsky
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